Hello. My name is Chad Wilson and I am an Atlanta based creative person. I work both freelance and in association with d.a.e. creative, llc. I primarily design web and print graphics, and build web sites, but there is so much more!


I pride myself on being easy to work with. I produce quality work and deliver quality service. I am an approachable person who is interested in growing your business. The way you or your business is represented in print and on the web is paramount, and my clients stand in contrast to a world of "bogus design".


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I create identity and presence. In a market that is saturated with "bogus design", my clients' image is attractive to their customers. Identity and presence is an investment, that investment along with your great product or service, will produce great returns year over year.


It is hard to say how long a project will take, it really depends on the work that is being performed. Accordingly, it is hard to say how much a project will cost, it really depends on your needs. If you know exactly what you are looking for, then things typically move along quite quickly. If you are not sure, and require more of a shotgun approach, things take a bit longer. I consider my pricing and turnaround to be most competitive. I am always glad to provide an estimate based on your project.


If printing is required for your project, I can also help. Printing bureaus can sometimes be difficult to work with, I facilitate print jobs for clients all of the time.


email | dk4CU6@gmail.com


phone | 404.926.6670

(Text messages are welcome! Please leave a message when calling.)