BSR McDonald 4800

I found this BSR McDonald 4800 Record Player / Changer at a Value Village in decent condition. The “START, STOP, AUTO” slider was locked up and it needed a good overall cleaning. I fixed the level by lubricating it and working it free. It came with flip over needle for playing 33.3 and 78 RPM, and it has a changer function so you can stack records on the top and it would drop them and play one after another. I have another one of these that was inherited from family, so it is not for sale.

Sony PS-1100

This Sony PS-1100 Record Player / Turntable I got at Value Village. It was in pretty good shape. I cleaned it down and lubed it up. I had to fabricate a new anti-skate weight, as the original was missing. I installed an Audio Technica Cartridge / Stylus. This record player is driven by an idler wheel, so no belts are needed. I had never dealt with an idler wheel before. The headshell accommodates standard cartridges. There are some very MINOR blemishes on the body and dust cover. I just recently sold this one. I hated to let this one go, it is one of the nicer, more unique tables I have found.

Gemini GL-101

This Gemini GL-101 Belt Drive Turntable I found at Goodwill. I had to give it a good cleaning and some lubrication. Installed a new Audio Technica Cartridge / Stylus. It has an adjustable counter weight on the tone arm and anti-skate control. The headshell accommodates standard cartridges. There are some blemishes on the body and dust cover as seen in the pictures. The hinges for the dust cover were missing. This one was sold.