Bang & Olufsen Beogram RX 5773

We picked this one up at a thrift store recently at a great price. This is a beautiful turntable, but it is the perfect example of form over function. It is heavy, but in all the wrong places. It is on par with the AT-LP60. My review of the LP60 was favorable for what it is, but for the showroom cost of this table, I would expect more. It is clean on the inside, not a drop of grease anywhere! I am not quite sure how they pulled that off, but it helps 30 years later. The tone arm is very attractive, but the cartridge replacement is very expensive, due to it being proprietary and not many make replacements. This table will be part of the permanent collection, until the needle is worn out, and then we will see. I do not think I can ever justify spending that kind of money on a cartridge replacement.