Sansui FR-D35

Sansui FR-D35 2 Speed Automatic Direct Drive Turntable, vintage early 80’s record player comes with adjustable counter weight on the “S” tone arm and a unique anti-skate control. This is a great table and I used it daily until I upgraded. I don’t have room for it now. This was the first turntable that I repaired. The tone arm was not tripping the motor, so it would never shut off.

Dual 505-1

My wife and I found this turntable at a Value Village for $12. It was the nicest record player we had found to date, and has remained in the permanent collection. The dust cover was damaged beyond repair. I am currently having a new one made. (It is now completed and installed.) I replaced the missing headshell with new-old-stock. The pitch control belt is still missing, because I can not bring myself to spend $40 on a tiny rubber belt with teeth, although, all attempts to rig something up have failed. I had to clean and re-lube the motor action, because it worked sporadically, if at all. One of my favorites.

Update: I added 2 new pictures of the new dust cover. There it is in all of its glory. New problem: The dust cover is too heavy and will not remain open under its own power… I am currently brainstorming solutions.

Update: I added some tiny washers between the top of the hinge and the plinth that tilted it back far enough to bring the dust cover center of gravity to where it needed to be. Now it stays open on its own!

Update: Added the Pickering cartridge. I really like the way it looks.

Update: I had to clean and lube some mechanisms (again), as the tone arm would no longer engage the motor. I also replaced the belt and added the missing pitch adjustment belt. The price had come down almost half. This table is almost 100%, except for the broken tone arm rest.